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Say NO to Guest Bloggers

guest blogging

Have you ever gotten an email from someone offering to write a guest post for your blog?  I have.  I felt so validated.  “MY BLOG MUST BE AWESOME!”  Well, I shouldn’t consider my blog so great just yet — Google’s Matt Cutts is saying that I was just targeted and that running articles like that are the equivalent of spam.  Guest blogging is getting a bad name.

guest blogging

There are definitely strong reasons to consider guests posts, but site owners should be aware of the risks as well.    If you know the person writing the blog post well, or you have invited them, then guest blogging is still a great way to reach a new audience.  If/when Google decides to change it’s algorithm on this subject, play it safe by having your guest author use nofollow links.

Here’s a bit more from Matt on the subject:

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