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September 29, 2022


13 minutes

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Is Twitter Worth My Business’ Time?

Quick—describe Twitter in less than 140 characters. It’s not easy to be succinct, but that brevity is one of the major advantages of Tweeting. Twitter might be great for influencers or debating politics, but does it have a place in business marketing? #GoodQuestion

Show Notes

How is Twitter different from other social platforms?

  • It’s more short form, micro posts with limited characters
  • It’s more focused on trending news content
  • Visual content still performs well, but it’s not entirely focused on that
  • Twitter is simpler because it has less of the added features of Facebook

How can Twitter work well for businesses?

  • It’s still a large and active social platform
  • There are lots of conversations to engage in
  • It’s a relatively easy platform to create short-form content for
  • Best for newsworthy posts and conversations (especially using hashtags)
  • A good way to keep on top of trends

Why might Twitter not be a good fit?

  • Many of their users are bots and fake accounts
  • Unlike LinkedIn, there’s a lot of political nonsense and anger
  • It’s much hard to maintain an active presence— it requires multiple posts per day to stay relevant
  • Sees a much lower engagement rate
  • Mostly suited for influencers with existing large audiences

How can your business take advantage of Twitter?

  • Use it mostly for quick updates and news content
  • Leverage visuals— one of the best platforms for GIFs
  • Join existing conversations using relevant hashtags
  • Connect with industry influencers
  • Set your expectations low and try to have some fun with it

What’s the future of Twitter?

  • They already went from 140 → 280, next is “articles”?
  • Open up API some more? Elon was planning to.
  • Cluttering themselves with too many different features (eg. Spaces)
  • Twitter Blue for $2.99/mo (ad-free, editing tweet feature)