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A Brighter Web Podcast

Grow your business with digital marketing

The Brighter Web podcast is aimed at sharing practical advice on growing your business using the latest technology and marketing best practices. The show is hosted by GreenMellen partner Mickey Mellen & marketing manager Robert Carnes.

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Episode #010 December 30, 2021

10 Books Every Marketer Should Read

Reading books is one of the fastest ways to learn new ideas and stay on top of digital marketing trends. There are too many good books out there, so we compiled our top 10 list…

Episode #009 December 16, 2021

Is Blogging Even Relevant Anymore?

Blogging is no longer the trendy practice it was 20 years ago, but it’s still a vital part of content marketing. We’ll discuss why blogging is still relevant for businesses, the benefits of posting to…

Episode #008 December 2, 2021

Keeping Your Email Marketing Legit

As long as there is email marketing, there will be spam. That’s a fact of life. So caring about doing email marketing the right way matters. Let’s dive into why and how to keep your…

Episode #007 November 25, 2021

Why You Should Bother With Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is an often overlooked, but vitally important part of effective website development. Accessibility is essentially making sure that ALL users can consume the content on your website, even if they have disabilities (such…

Episode #006 November 11, 2021

Boost Your Content Marketing with a Content Calendar

Creating quality content is one of the best things you can do to get noticed online. However, keeping up with all of the blog posts, podcast episodes, webinar videos, and email newsletters can be daunting….

Episode #005 October 28, 2021

Using Growth-Driven Design to Build Better Websites

Company websites can take a long time to create and cost a major piece of your marketing budget. What if there was a quicker and cheaper way to build a website that was also more…

Episode #004 October 14, 2021

Why Should Your Business Care About Marketing Funnels?

Every business has a marketing funnel, whether they realize it or not. Some businesses recognize parts of the funnel that aren’t working and optimize them. But what if you aren’t intentional about your funnel? What…

Episode #003 September 30, 2021

10 Things You Need to Do Before Launching a Website

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful new website and you’re ready to show it to the world. But what should you do before launching to make sure everything works right? We have a list…

Episode #002 September 16, 2021

5 Parts of a Clear Business Messaging Strategy

Effective marketing starts with saying the right words to the right people at the right time. But that can be more difficult than it sounds. A messaging strategy gives you the tools your business needs…

Episode #001 September 2, 2021

Getting Found Online with Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a key strategy for having your business discovered online. But what is SEO and how do you take advantage of it? SEO is more than just flipping a switch on your website—it’s a…