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A Brighter Web Podcast

Grow your business with digital marketing

The Brighter Web podcast is aimed at sharing practical advice on growing your business using the latest technology and marketing best practices. The show is hosted by GreenMellen partner Mickey Mellen & marketing manager Robert Carnes.

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Episode #047 July 8, 2023

Taking Control of Your Online Business Reviews

Online reviews are often trusted more than other forms of marketing because they come from neutral third-party sources. You can’t fully control your brand’s reputation, but you can respond to negative reviews and encourage positive…

Episode #049 July 6, 2023

A Deep Discussion about Dealing with Digital Distractions

Buzz, buzz, buzz. It’s not a bee, but it’s equally as distracting—it’s another digital notification that’s pulling you away from your other priorities. Dealing with digital distractions is a daily dedication, but one we all…

Episode #048 June 22, 2023

Make Your Marketing More Sustainable with Evergreen Content

Constantly cranking out new marketing content gets exhausting quickly. Using evergreen content that can be recycled makes the content marketing rat race a little more sustainable. Here’s some approaches for how to create and use…

Episode #046 May 25, 2023

Connecting Digital and Traditional Marketing Channels

Believe it or not, there’s more to marketing than digital media. Websites can coexist with billboards, and email doesn’t replace direct mail. The best marketers learn how to leverage both of these types of marketing…

Episode #045 May 11, 2023

Creating Effective Video Content For Your Business

If you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve probably seen some video content—it’s everywhere. Some platforms—like YouTube and TikTok—are completely video based. There’s a reason why video content is so effective, but it’s not that…

Episode #044 April 27, 2023

The WordPress Magic Checkbox

There aren’t many magic bullets or quick fixes in digital marketing—but there are a few. One of them is this surprisingly powerful and sneaky checkbox in the backend of every WordPress site. Here’s how that…

Episode #043 April 13, 2023

Why We Never Send Cold Emails

Does anyone like being interrupted by unsolicited promotional emails in their inbox? Because that’s what cold emails are—and they’re not the only form of cold marketing. Let’s talk about why we don’t like cold emails…

Episode #042 March 30, 2023

Writing Perfect Marketing Headlines

We won’t bury the headline for this episode—because that’s how important headlines are. Unfortunately, they’re often overlooked and underrated in digital marketing. We’ll help you craft more effective headlines with a few ideas and suggestions….

Episode #041 March 16, 2023

The Future of AI and Digital Marketing

Are the robots coming for our jobs? Artificial intelligence is nothing new, but new innovations are pushing AI to the forefront of digital marketing. Businesses will need to adapt to how new machine-learning tools are…

Episode #040 March 2, 2023

How to Write a Book For Marketers

Most people say that they’d like to write a book one day, but few ever do. Book publishing is a challenging but rewarding process that too few get to experience. Luckily, one of our co-hosts…

Episode #039 February 16, 2023

Getting the Most out of Marketing Conferences

Speakers. Sponsors. And swag. Who doesn’t love getting to go to a good conference? But with so many events to choose from, how do you pick the right ones and make the most of the…

Episode #038 February 2, 2023

Marketing Basics for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits are unique organizations for many reasons, including how they approach marketing. This can be both a benefit and a challenge for the professionals marketing for nonprofits. Let’s take a look at what makes charities…

Episode #037 January 19, 2023

10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Needs

When it comes to WordPress plugins, less is more. You don’t want to bog down your site with too many plugins, but you also need a few to help with your site’s functionality. Here are…

Episode #036 January 5, 2023

Finding the Best Note-Taking Techniques

We encounter so much information daily—it’s easy to get lost or confused. One of the best ways to combat this is to have a good note-taking approach. But how do you take effective notes and…

Episode #035 December 22, 2022

Professional Development Made Simple For Digital Marketers

The best marketers are constant learners. We must keep up with plenty of trends to remain relevant. To help with that, let’s take a look at the six most popular ways to stay on top…