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December 16, 2021


14 minutes

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Is Blogging Even Relevant Anymore?

Blogging is no longer the trendy practice it was 20 years ago, but it’s still a vital part of content marketing. We’ll discuss why blogging is still relevant for businesses, the benefits of posting to your website regularly, and how to get started.

We’re taking a look at the state of blogging as we head into 2022. Mickey Mellen has been blogging every day for more than a year.

He’s following Seth Godin’s advice that everyone should blog, every day. It seems crazy, but it’s largely not for the reasons you think. Here’s why to blog daily:

  • Writing daily helps you grow yourself and your thoughts.
  • There are some SEO benefits, but that’s secondary.
  • Really, it helps open your eyes to the world, and then really unpack what you see.

So businesses should blog daily too?

  • Almost certainly not, as there are different goals.
  • For most of our clients, SEO is a big part of this, which is a different kind of post.
  • Research keywords and write more robust (yet focused) content.

About how long should posts be?

There’s no hard and fast rules but here are some thoughts:

  • As long as they need to be, but that’s not very specific.
  • Personally, Mickey just writes what’s needed.
  • For business, we generally recommend a bit longer, perhaps 500-1000 words.
  • Longer form content gives more detail and content for Google to consume.

What are other advantages to blogging?

  • It’s good fodder for your social media and email marketing.
  • Much of what we produce in those channels links to our blog posts.
  • It can be good for clients.
  • We frequently send links to clients and leads with blog posts that help them understand a particular problem.

Where to get started?

  • Just do it.
  • Start a WordPress or Medium blog
  • Start writing.
  • Learn by doing.