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OS X Yosemite Walk Through

Apple just rolled out an update to its desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite. While Mac users running Mavericks or Mountain Lion will still feel comfortable navigating the new OS, it’s a major update and comes with several impressive features and improvements.


It looks a little different


Yosemite has updated the look and feel of the Mac to better match the iPhone / iPad. Icons are “flatter” and the font has changed to something more legible on a big screen. Apple has also tricked out the “Notification Center” to more closely match the mobile version. The dock color scheme can be customized to be light or dark, and notifications can be tailored to your personal preferences.



Make Command + Spacebar your new best friend. Spotlight now completes your sentences just like your annoying interrupting friend Google. More information shows up in the search results, too, making it a one stop shop to look up appointments, phone numbers, etc., without having to open another app.



The iMessages app received a lot of love in this update. Chats can now be named, and if you start a message on your phone, you can now finish it on your Mac (and vice versa). After Monday, when the iOS 8 updates to iOS 8.1, you’ll be able to include your non-Apple friends in your computer texting fun.

Invited as part of a group text to an event you can’t attend? You no longer have to be bothered by every update to a conversation that is irrelevant in your world – you can leave or mute the conversation. Added bonus: attachments will now follow your text messages across platforms.

Apple has also added a screen sharing feature to iMessages. Chat participants can both interact with the desktop (although the viewer / guest will not have the ability to click, just point). The iMessage app moves to include audio conversation as soon as the the session begins.

You and a friend with Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard or later can share a screen, making it easy to collaborate on a project.

When you share a screen, you and your friend can do anything on the shared desktop, such as opening folders, creating documents, and copying files by dragging them from one desktop to another. Messages automatically starts an audio chat.

You can share screens using AIM, Jabber, Google Talk, and Bonjour. You can’t share screens using Yahoo! or iMessage.

Important: When you share your screen, your friend has the same access to your computer that you have. Share your screen only with people you trust, and be careful if you receive a request to share your screen from someone who isn’t in your buddy list. If the request comes from someone using Bonjour, remember that the name shown for the person in Bonjour does not necessarily match the person’s real name.

* We tried to test the screen sharing feature in the office and couldn’t get a successful trial. At this point, I’d say stick with Google Hangouts.



Safari got a complete overhaul. My favorite hidden feature is better performance while browsing on battery power, and special support for NetFlix. Adding security and privacy features, Safari takes a big step forward in the browser rankings.



FINALLY you can AirDrop you files directly from your phone to your Mac. I have achieved an Apple Zen moment.


Techcrunch has a great review of all of the Yosemite features here. Want some insider tips and tricks for the new OS? You can find them in this article by our friends at MacStories.

Have a favorite feature we didn’t share? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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