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I’m buying an iPhone 6 and an Apple Watch

I’ve always been a bit of a tech nerd and an early adopter of the latest and greatest in gadgetry.  While for the moment I believe that the best gear is still from Apple, I’d switch to whomever if I thought the best was something different. I’ve been worried about Apple’s lack of innovation since Steve Jobs died. Did he take the magic with him? Maybe… I don’t believe that watching the live event would have been so arduous if Jobs were still here.

Let’s look at the new products releasing soon. (Image credit to Apple)


The iPhone 6:

There is nothing extraordinary about this phone. It’s bigger (4.7″ corner to corner), but not quite as big as the Samsung Galaxy. PC Magazine has a very detailed review comparing the two phones (notwithstanding that the iPhone isn’t currently “in hand.”) Market trends have shown that most consumers want a larger screen, so Apple is falling in line.  There will be no small phone option from Apple.

The iPhone 6 will have a better camera, and better screen, but that’s every phone and every new release.

Price: $199

The iPhone 6+:

What the heck does anyone need with a phone this big? Well, if you’re wearing a smart watch and never have to hold this ridiculously large phone to your head, maybe lots of people.  The iPhone 6+ is 5.5″ from corner to corner.

Price: $299,

Features for both iPhone 6/6+:

Features for both phones are listed here: As a note, the new iOS rolls out 9/17/14, and is available to all iPhones / iPads. I didn’t discuss features specific to the OS.

  • Memory: 16GB, with 64GB and 128GB versions <– HEY! NO MORE 32GB?!
  • Colors: space grey, gold, silver <– no more white phones (personal hatred of white electronics apparently shared by someone at Apple)
  • Faster wireless.  Nice.
  • Touch ID: fingerprint instead of typing a password. LOVE handy features. Great for those of us with unwieldy passwords.
  • Apple Pay: ties into Touch ID, and means that if you’re just carrying your phone, you can still buy PopTarts and wine at Target.

Phones are available for pre-order 9/12, and in stores 9/19.

My two reasons for sticking with Apple:

  1. Apple tech support is the best in the business, end of discussion. I will fight anyone who says different.
  2. iPhones have great trade in / resale value. will offer $170 for my iPhone 5 today, and I don’t have to send it in unti the 6 is in my hand.

The iWatch Apple Watch:

I’m miffed that that they didn’t go with the name “iWatch.” For Pete’s sake, it already gained brand recognition and it won’t even launch until next year! As I predicted, this wearable is combining the smart watch and the fitness bracelet into one “must have” device.

The first picture they showed of the watch was this one….


YUCK. Immediately, I shared that I do NOT want such an ugly thing. If you buy the pink/coral band, I’m judging you. Really.

Then, it was revealed that the same watch can look like this:


or this…


So now I am back on board.  Yearning is not too strong of a word here. You can see all of the Apple Watch glamor shots here.

The Apple Watch will have it’s own Watch iOS, but will link to other Apple gear. Techcrunch shares a great write up of all the features.

Price starts at $349. The price tag is at least $100 higher than the competition, however, it’s a much more fashion friendly piece. Offering two sizes and multiple “finishes,” the Apple Watch will immediately put this watch at the #1 spot for “wearables.”

The Apple Watch will be available early 2015.


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