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How a logo is born

logo sketches

New clients typically inquire about logo development and are surprised to hear the detailed steps behind the resulting identity. Below is an overview of the process we go through here at GreenMellen to create a new logo for your company.

Discovery Process

The initial step is a “getting to know you” session where we will will discuss goals for your future brand and how your brand evolved to its current state, as well as details about your target audience, corporate structure, and company culture.

Research & Brainstorming

One we have an agreeable design direction, the research process begins. We take into account your competition, other identities that stand out to you, and trends in the market to trigger our creative juices.


Sketching is the process that lets the mind purge ideas onto paper. Typically the first page of sketches will be cliché ideas that are crumpled and tossed into the trash before the good ideas start to flow.


Once some solid ideas have been conceptualized, 2-4 of the strongest ideas are selected to build out in Illustrator. This stage takes careful attention to creating an aesthetically balanced mark that supports the agreed upon design direction.


The developed logos will be presented as a PDF file for consideration by the client. The ball is now in the client’s court to communicate feedback on the provided concepts.


If any revisions are requested, we will apply them to the concepts for a second presentation. We allow for 1 major and 2 minor revisions in our quotes.

Final files

Once the logo has reached the final, polished product, we package JPG, PNG, and EPS versions of the logo into a file for delivery. We are also happy to accommodate special file type requests.

If you have any other questions about our logo design process, shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to assist.

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