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Hiring a Remote WordPress Developer? Avoid These Mistakes


Thanks to the non-stop growth of technology, it’s not uncommon to hire contractors to work remotely on digital marketing projects. This has especially been true for WordPress web development, but this kind of relationship is unique from that of an employee and/or your internal marketing team. Below is a list of essential mistakes to steer away from when hiring a remote WordPress developer for your business.

Don’t Assume Your Developers “Get It”

The key to successfully managing a project with a remote developer is clear, concise communication. That’s why you must communicate your priorities from the beginning. Give these developers a crash course on your branding standards, your niche and overall tone. If they understand the importance of your corporate values, they will keep this in mind with everything they do for your business.

It’s also important to set objectives/deadlines and put them in writing. Everything needs to be in black and white, literally. You don’t need to include every detail about the project in writing, but the goals and due dates should be in an accessible location for your remote developers.

Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to use a task management system to keep them in the loop about their to-dos. Don’t clutter their email with these tasks; place them in a system like Asana (which is what we use).

Avoid Long Meetings

In most cases, a remote WordPress developer is contracted for a single project or for a short period of time. That being said, it’s probably worth checking in often so misunderstandings can be identified before the project is complete. If you don’t want to hold a Skype conference, ask your developer to create a short video at the end of the day to show what was accomplished. By doing this, you can see their progress and also keep an eye out for potential mistakes without going into a long meeting.

Never Assume Small Talk is a Waste of Time

Although the last point explains how to avoid meetings, small talk is a big part of building a relationship. An office environment naturally gives people moments to chat and connect about things outside of work. For remote workers, they will typically communicate with you only when it’s work related. Don’t ignore the value of a personal relationship with these remote workers; small talk helps build trust and comfort between both parties. You’ll get to know the person who’s helping your business, and they’ll find comfort knowing they’re not working for a robot.

Hiring a remote WordPress developer could be a smart idea for your business. You’re offering the convenience for these contractors to work where they’re most comfortable, and your business can onboard them for as many or as few projects as needed. This truly a win-win, as long as you avoid these common mistakes!

If you have any questions regarding hiring a contractor or WordPress development in general, contact GreenMellen Media today!

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