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GreenMellen Launches a New Look


We believe all businesses should audit their website every five years for a new look. We thought we needed to practice what we preached and revamped the GreenMellen website.

In all honesty, this project started in 2018…and we didn’t launch until 2020. With client work being our top priority, this became a side project that we chipped away at little by little over two years. It didn’t help that this website was one of the more complicated sites we’ve worked on and involved a TON of custom design work. But, after seeing the final result come to life, we know it was all worth it!

Some new pieces and features we added to our website include:

  • A more thorough look behind some of the work we’ve created
  • Details on the industries we serve and a featured case study for each industry
  • More detailed bios of our team members (including links to our top five favorite songs on Spotify)
  • Our whitepaper on the best practices for a homepage that converts (which you can download at the bottom of our homepage)
  • New photography from our photoshoot with Scott Areman

This new website was 100% a collective team effort, and we’re so happy we can finally share this new site with you. We’d love to hear what you think of it, and if you’d like assistance with your next website design, contact us today!

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Brooke Desmond

Communications Manager
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