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GreenMellen Core Value: We Are Always Improving

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The saying goes, “You’re either growing or you’re dying”.

Now, I find this quite morbid and maybe a little extreme, but there is some validity in the statement. Without ambition and goals, you may as well cash in your ticket for success.

At GreenMellen, we like to see growth as an opportunity to continuously serve our clients and ourselves with relevant and trending digital marketing strategies.

We do this in multiple ways, each ensuring we never fall behind in our delivery to our clients. 

Never Stop Learning

The most obvious way to continuously improve ourselves and our clients is through education. The marketing industry is constantly changing and we take that challenge in stride by providing many opportunities for growth.

Through our Brighter Web initiative, we host a monthly, virtual Meetup that is open to anyone to attend. Each month we discuss the latest digital technology and marketing trends and share ideas and tips with others in our industry. 

Join us and you will always learn something new! We love it because WE always learn something new too, and this will always benefit our clients in the end. 

Beyond the Meetup, we are always seeking to attend conferences (which is a luxury we have all missed of late!) and consume articles and resources to improve our skills. 

Great People

Speaking of skills, we have a team of highly skilled professionals, and they come with an impressive arsenal of certifications, each of which bring awesome insights and benefits to our team and clients:

Great Culture

We have such a great dynamic within our team. One of collaboration, trust, support and shared responsibility. Each quarter we spend three days together strategizing, brainstorming and celebrating each other and our accomplishments. We call these event “Green Days”, and it’s our time to plan for future growth.

Measurable Goals

To set the standard for growth, we always start with measurable goals. For our clients, this means we track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that are relevant to their business and aim for metrics that define success. 

With proactive monitoring, we can ensure our clients are always improving and learning from past experiences. We meet quarterly with our clients to discuss how we can adapt and grow based on the metrics we monitor. 

Ready to improve alongside us? Reach out and learn more about how we serve our clients and what makes GreenMellen a great partner for your business.

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Schooled in both design and marketing, Ali adds the analytical skills of an engineer to complicated digital marketing strategies.

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