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Google+ is Shutting Down: What You Need to Know


On June 28, 2011, Google+ was launched as Google’s fourth generation social media platform (after Orkut, Google Friend Connect and Google Buzz). On April 2, 2019, the social network will permanently shut down. While it was never used by consumers as expected, the platform brought some SEO benefits for businesses.

Before Google+ shuts down, there are some important things you need to do with your page before it’s too late.

Collect Your Files

If you or your business did have a profile, it might be wise to log in once more to retrieve any photos, videos or files before April, as you will not be able to access this page after April 2. Do yourself a favor and download these assets before they’re gone. Here is the best way to download this content. Please note that none of your photos or videos in Google Photos will be affected by this shutdown.

Apps and Services

If you have an app or service that utilize Google+ API, including Sign-in and OAuth, you will also need to migrate away from this by April 2.

How GreenMellen Can Help

If you have a Google+ account and have it linked to your website, we would be happy to make sure it’s removed before the deadline. Contact us and let us make sure Google+ is removed from your site correctly!

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