A decade of Gmail

gmail-iconGmail celebrated its 10th anniversary last month, and it was ten years ago today that I finally was able to get my own account and start using it (it was difficult to get an “invitation” to it for a while). As of today, my personal Gmail account has 242,458 messages in in, and certainly many thousands of other messages that have been deleted over the years. Beyond that, we use Google Apps (business branded Gmail) for our email here at GreenMellen and a have around 20,000 messages in there.

I’ve talked about Gmail quite a bit over the years, and felt today would be a good chance to revisit some of the reasons that we think Gmail is so great. My main love for Gmail lies in its ability to help keep my inbox clean. Despite hundreds of thousands of messages in there, my actual inbox often is completely empty and ready for action. This post explains some of the ways that Gmail is instrumental in helping that to happen. In addition, I’m a big fan of their new tabs, though that’s a personal preference that not everyone shares (and thankfully you can turn them off if you’d prefer).

Lastly, I encourage you to read this post about how to make Gmail more secure. If you’ve been using it for years, then losing access to your account to a hacker could be devastating and there are some things you can do to really protect yourself.

Do you use Gmail? When did you first start?

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  1. 20k messages?!?!?! Even with Gmail’s search function that has to be a bear to find anything you’ve archived.

    • The key is not to search often. 🙂 In theory, you should never need to pull up an email again because you’ve already dealt with it. Of course, that never happens, but Gmail search is powerful enough that I can usually find what I want quickly enough.

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