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Meetup: Supercharge your WordPress site with Jetpack

Chase Livingston is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic (the company behind working on the very popular Jetpack plugin. Jetpack is a powerful plugin with many…

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Meetup: CSS, LESS and SASS: Simplify your Work

During our All Things WordPress Meetup, Diana Nichols demonstrated how using a pre-processor for CSS can go along way toward reducing your development time and ensuring…

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Meetup: Content and blogging from start to finish

Content and blogging are an important part of your website. In our Meetup, we covered: How to find topics to write about How and why to…

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Meetup: Development Workflow – Setup through Deployment

Diana Nichols and Aaron Reimann walked through several approaches to creating a development workflow, creating a new site, and deploying it to a live server. Topics…

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Meetup: Installing WordPress from Scratch

Did you miss the Meetup today on installing WordPress from scratch? Our test live broadcast for Periscope was a success! If you missed the Meetup,…

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Meetup: Useful Developer Tools and Resources

Did you miss the Meet-Up today on Developer Tools? Our test live broadcast for Periscope was a success! If you missed the Meet-Up, you can…

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WordPress 4.2 has been released

WordPress version 4.2 has just been released and you can download it here. While there are no major security fixes in this release, it solves…

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WordCamp Panel Discussion: UX / Web Design

This past month I had the privilege of moderating a panel at WordCamp Atlanta. We were given an hour to discuss website design and user…

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Meetup: A deep dive into site maps and wireframes

At our last Meetup we discussed the questions we ask in order to begin a web project. This month we’ll be discussing the steps we…

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How Google decides to index your content

I like to tell people that “Google doesn’t search the internet” because technically it doesn’t. Instead, Google makes a copy of as much of the…

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WordCamp Atlanta 2015: Planning your website from concept to launch

This weekend every WordPress newbie, expert, and everyone in between is gathering in Atlanta to talk about the framework we all love: WordPress. We will…

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Why we choose WordPress

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of WordPress. We’ve been using it since 2004, we’ve been hosting a monthly WordPress Meetup for a few…

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Meetup: Hands on with Google Analytics

Our All Things WordPress Meetup this month was a hands on walk through of Google Analytics and how to add demographics tracking to your Analytics panel. Here…

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The Best Way to Handle Website Redirects

There are a handful of times when you might need to set up redirects on your website. We’ll take a quick look at those situations and show you how best to handle them.

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Wordcamp Roundup

What is Wordcamp? WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like…

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