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Finding the best tools to make things happen

At this month’s Meetup, we talked about all of the tools we use at GreenMellen to help us keep moving forward. We dig into the…

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WordPress 4.4. is out! Here is what’s new.

WordPress 4.4 was just released and you can download it from the download page right now. While it has been tested extensively by tens…

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Don’t be too loyal to the brands you love

We all have brands that we love, whether it’s clothing, cars, electronics or any other area of life. There are reasons that we love those…

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What is Slack?

You’ve probably heard of the service called Slack sometime in the past few months, as it’s growing rapidly. Case in point, I was out with…

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Moving back to Asana

Earlier this year, we switched away from Asana for our daily tasks over to Teamwork is an awesome platform, but we’ve ultimately decided to…

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Presidential hopefuls love WordPress

As you may know, we love WordPress and use it for the core of every site we build. We have our reasons for using it,…

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WordPress version 4.3 is here

WordPress version 4.3 has just been released (you can download it here) and includes a variety of nice additions. While there are quite a few…

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What is a custom post type?

When using WordPress, most people stick to the built-in “posts” and “pages”. However,¬†WordPress also has a powerful feature available called “custom post types”. While they…

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WordPress 4.2 has been released

WordPress version 4.2 has just been released and you can download it here. While there are no major security fixes in this release, it solves…

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WordCamp Atlanta 2015: Planning your website from concept to launch

This weekend every WordPress newbie, expert, and everyone in between is gathering in Atlanta to talk about the framework we all love: WordPress. We will…

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Why we switched from Asana to Teamwork

(admin note: we’ve recently switched back to Asana, which you can read about here) A few years ago we made a major switch from Nozbe…

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I think you’re going to love USB-C ports

Last week Apple unveiled their new MacBook Air and Google unveiled the new Chromebook Pixel, and they have one new interesting trait in common –…

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The Best Way to Handle Website Redirects

There are a handful of times when you might need to set up redirects on your website. We’ll take a quick look at those situations and show you how best to handle them.

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Revisiting the Google Chromebooks

Just over four years ago, I first shared my experience with a Google Chromebook. Now I have a new one to play with and I’m…

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My new favorite phone: The Droid Turbo

There is a segment of people like myself that fall into a specific category: Android users that are on Verizon. If you’re one of those,…

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