A cool little WordPress tip — upload an image from a URL

I always thought there were two options for adding an image to a WordPress post:

  1. Upload it through the image manager.
  2. Enter a URL and “hotlink” it from there.

It turns out there’s a third, as described by wp-fun — upload and crunch directly from the net.  When you click on “choose files to upload”, just paste a URL in that box.  WordPress will pull the image from that URL, crunch it, and upload it to your server!

As an example, take this image from the Digital Earth Blog.  Rather than save it to my hard drive and then upload it to my blog, I can do it in one step.  Voila!

Between that trick and the excellent Fancy Zoom plug-in, you can add a pretty nice image to your post in just a few seconds.

Please note that this trick apparently doesn’t work on Macs, because they don’t have a filepath box.  For the rest of you, enjoy it!


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  1. Could you send me a copy, I didn’t found the copy of the plugins, the link you have shared. Could you please send me , if you have a copy in your server or HD? That would be great. Thank you in advance.

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