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6 Creative Tactics to Grow Your Email List


Did you know that email databases degrade about 23% every year? The reasons behind this range from opt-outs to users getting rid of their old Hotmail email address (but, let’s be honest, they should have done that YEARS ago).

Growing and maintaining a strong list of email subscribers is a common challenge businesses of all sizes deal with, and sometimes it takes out-of-the-box thinking to make sure you grow your list and keep it sustainable.

Here are six creative tactics to try when it comes to growing your email list.

Incentives are Always Key

It’s no secret that people love free stuff, so consider offering an opt-in incentive for new subscribers. By exchanging an offer for their email address, you open the door to a lot of creative ideas. These incentives can range from discount codes, free content (such as a whitepaper), or even a trial sample of a product. No matter which direction works for your business, this is a great option to explore to build your list.

Integrate Exit Pop-Ups on Your Website

Yes, pop-ups can be annoying or invasive, but exit pop-ups have proven to be effective. Unlike normal pop-ups, exit pop only appears when your website detects a user is going to leave your site (such as a user moving their cursor outside of the browser to leave). The pop-up could consist of a limited-time offer such as, “The 10 Secrets to Growing Your Revenue by 120% in Q3” or a 50% off first purchase discount code. The exit pop-up tactic leaves the impression to users that you appreciate them and want to make them feel exclusive.

Add Email Sign Ups On More Than Your Website

Having your email sign up on various places on your website, such as the footer, is a standard best practice, but it’s also wise to add them to other places outside of your website. Your email signature is an example of how you can ease the signup process for emails. Here’s an example of this (courtesy of MailPoet):

You should also consider offline ways to collect email addresses including:

  • Having a signup form at trade shows/events
  • At your cash register when someone purchases a product
  • Send out postcards with a QR code to automatically sign up

Encourage Subscribers to Share/Forward Your Emails

While social sharing buttons are important to have on your website, blogs, and emails, it’s also a good idea to include an “Email to a Friend” button in your marketing emails. By doing this, you’ll gain exposure to their friends, colleagues, and network and potentially expand your email list. At the bottom of each email, be sure to include a “Subscribe” call-to-action as a simple text link so that the new audience receiving the forwarded emails can seamlessly opt-in for future communications.

Promote an Online Contest on Social

Do you have a strong following on your social media profiles? Encourage them to be a part of your list by entering a contest. All you have to do is host a free giveaway on your social accounts in exchange for their contact information. Give them a short link to sign up for newsletters and let them know the winner will be announced via email and social media.

Create a Blog Worth Subscribing To

If you don’t have a blog, now is the best time to start! If your business is already blogging, this might be the easiest one on our list. Encourage your readers to sign up for instant notifications when you publish a blog post. On this form, you can include a checkbox that allows them to receive other email notifications from you about promotions, updates, announcements, and more. If you need help setting up these notifications, or even setting up the blog itself, we would love to help.

As you grow your email list with fresh subscribers, you’ll be able to nurture them drip campaigns that will lead them to convert from a subscriber to a customer or client!

To learn more about email marketing tactics, contact GreenMellen today!

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