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5 Offline Marketing Tactics That Still Work Today


The power of a robust digital presence goes a long way for many brands and industries. However, there are plenty of offline, traditional tactics that any business should still be taking advantage of to spread brand awareness and encourage engagement. While they aren’t as measurable as digital marketing, they can go a long way for your brand in the long run.

Get to know these five offline marketing tactics that are still as impactful today as they were years ago.

Business Cards

We’ll get into the importance of print material later, but a business card, specifically, is always a smart offline marketing piece. Business cards help maintain a professional look (if they’re professionally designed), drive people to your website, and give potential clients or customers the most critical information about your business: who you are (your name and business name), how they can contact you (email, phone, and address), and how they can learn more (website and social). Always keep a dozen of these in your wallet or purse at all times!

Networking Events

You know what they say: it’s all about who you know. Face-to-face relationship building is still valuable and can lead to lots of long-term relationships. Look into joining local business associations and chapters or going to networking events or conferences within your industry. If you’re consistent with your networking, you will soon build a strong network of professionals who will refer to you for your services or even become clients.

Speaking Opportunities

This can also be worked into your networking events, but we encourage you to find an event that’s related to your industry and speak at. At GreenMellen, we believe in spreading our education to ours, which is why we speak at WordCamp Atlanta (as Mickey and Ali have done many times), local business associations, and more. This not only positions yourself as an authoritative leader in your field, but it can help build relationships with people who need your services. If public speaking isn’t your thing, it may be worth looking into local Toastmasters clubs to help improve your public speaking skills.

Print Collateral

Print is not dead. Period. Even though digital marketing has emerged as the frontrunner when it comes to a business’s marketing efforts, tangible marketing collateral can work alongside your digital marketing plan (which is also known as cross-media marketing). Even though we are a digital marketing agency, we have seen that an effective marketing plan always has a solid mix of well-designed printed and digital materials.


This is probably one of the more expensive tactics, but if you can afford a local or national sponsorship, it’s a great way to expand your brand awareness. Whether it’s a local 5K or a nationwide fundraiser, sponsorships that are in line with your brand’s goals and missions will put your brand in a position of respect.

Even with all of your online efforts, offline marketing should not be forgotten by your business. Aim to have a solid mix of both for maximum effect!

If you have any questions about offline or online marketing strategies, let’s grab a cup of coffee today!

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