James B. Nutter is in hiding, I guess

I get spammy looking “refinance now” letters in the mail almost every day.  I’m in the process of a refi, so I usually open them to make sure it’s not somehow related to that.  Today’s letter wasn’t useless though — it had a great lesson inside. :)

It came from the office of “James B. Nutter & Company” and included a very “personal” letter.  At the end was a very poorly printed fake signature from Mr. Nutter himself.

At that point, I thought I’d call them out on Twitter on the xerox signature.  I know most of those companies do it, but that doesn’t make it right.  It’s cheap.

Except, “James B. Nutter & Company” aren’t on Twitter.

So I tried Facebook.  They aren’t on there either, but plenty of people were talking about them.  In one particularly interesting page, we learn the following:

  • It seems that Kelly’s house payment went up $138/month because they screwed up.
  • Same thing happened to Christy, and they never contacted her to help (hers went up $150/month).
  • Theresa thinks that seems a bit negligent on their part.
  • Nickie thinks they’re a bunch of “bastards”.
  • Jeremiah thinks they should both find someone else to use.
  • Connie agrees
  • Angie has the name and number of a great mortgage guy they can call.
  • A different Angie simply thinks that “Nutter sucks”.
  • Kristal sympathizes with them.

Nutter’s response?  Silence.

Odds of me ever possibly considering doing any kind of business with that company?  Zero.

Staying out of social media doesn’t mean that people won’t talk about you — it just means that you won’t hear it and you can’t do anything to fix it.


  1. Erin Jacobsen says

    I refinanced w/Nutter about 15 yrs ago and was very pleased…. the fees were extremely minimal (I think I paid for a new survey because we had added a pool). Other than that, I don’t believe there were any fees at all, or if there were, Nutter paid them. Yes, w/ a no-cost refi, your rate is a little higher… but I was very pleased.

    • says


      That’s kind of my point; I’m sure they have plenty of satisfied customers from over the years, but they’re not doing a good job of showing it. They need to encourage people like you to make your voice heard, and they’re not even trying.

  2. Rich says

    I’ve used JB Nutter twice and my experience with them has been top notch. People that say they’re payments “went up” dont understand mortgages, if you have a FIXED RATE mortgate, your payments will NEVER increase. You know at closing what your payments will be for the term of the loan. If YOU choose a variable rate loan then you should have considered the possibility of your payments increasing when you took out the loan. If you escrow for taxes and insurance and those go up then yes, your mortgage company must collect more money from you to pay YOUR insurance and YOUR taxes FOR YOU! So saying that a payment went up and some how it’s the mortgage companies “fault” is a cop out. JB Nutter is somewhat old fashioned they aren’t on social media, they don’t even use voice mail at their office. A real person will answer the phone and if the person you are calling is not available they will take a written message and pass it along. I like that! Calling them out for using an auto pen to sign mail is being a bit silly, It is standard practice in business and government to do that. All in all JB Nutter is a great firm, over my life I’ve personally had 6 or 7 different mortgages, 2 of them with Nutter and I’ll continue to use them and recommend them because I really do believe they are a rare kind of a company, they offer the best customer service in the industry and they have the absolute lowest fees.

    • says

      Rich — As I explained to Erin above, that’s kind of the point. I’m sure they are a good firm, but they’re not doing anything to promote that. Having old-fashioned values is a good thing, but simply BEING old-fashioned is quite another.

      In the case of “Kelly” in the example, I’m quite sure one of two things happened and it would have been very easy for Nutter to fix:

      1 — Kelly was right, and Nutter made a mistake. They could fix it and move on.
      2 — As you said, it’s how things go. Nutter could have replied, explained how it worked, and move on.

      Either way, it would have only taken a few minutes of their time.

      In my opinion, great customer service means meeting me where I am. If I want to talk to you on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Phone, Fax, etc, “great customer service” would be there to listen. It seems that Nutter insists that you follow their old-fashioned ideas if you want to even speak to them.

      I’m sure they’re very nice folks, but stories like these are intended to show companies why they shouldn’t bury their head in the sand and pretend that no one is talking to them.

  3. Barbara says

    My experience with James B Nutter has been nothing but wonderful. Our refinance last summer went very smoothly. Our rates and payment were lowered and we didn’t even have to leave the house for the closing as a representative came right to our home at a time convenient to the both of us. There also were absolutely no closing costs incurred. I highly recommend this company.

    • says

      Barbara — As I’ve said above, I don’t doubt that they’re a great company full of trustworthy and helpful people, and I’m glad they’ve worked well for you. The problem is that they’re letting their reputation get ruined online because they’re not engaging with their users.

    • steve says

      I worked for James B Nutter for 2 years and I know how they do business. They do business to old fashion way. They talk to you personally and you don’t have to wait to talk to someone like other mortage companies. As far as their cost goes. They really do loans with no closing cost, of course they offer lower rates if you want to pay some points, but that is your choice.

      • says

        Steve — Does the “old fashion” and “personal” way include stamping bogus signatures on junk mail? That was a really bad first impression for me.

        • Equitydevin says

          Honestly it most likely was Mr Nutters Signature – I wouldnt doubt it; they come from the small town feel, personable service. Something you dont see this day and age. The Owner Mr Nutter is in his late 70’s still working. Good for them by not going on Twitter to Facebook!! Ive worked with them several times, Great Company, so shut up unless you really know what your talking about, you sound ignorandt!!

      • Maimunah Chehab says

        I called them from Aug 2012 till Jan 2013 and never once spoke to me or returned my calls……..now I am in Foreclosure and all is upto date…..durning the hurricain I had damage and I could not get Insurance on my home so they put forced Insurance on it never asked for it back untill 2 years ago …………I was paying $150 a month and they said that was not enough …never gave me credit for what I paid and put me in Foreclosure…..they want $125,000 for a house worth $25,000 in todays market and I I owe them is $5,138.18….for this I loose my home………or pay $350.00 a month and my SS is $735. a month how…..

  4. David says

    They are on facebook and Twitter. So, is this whole site about the importance of social media?? This is a fairly small company. Being alarmed that they aren’t listed on facebook or twitter is a bit of an overreaction, wouldn’t you say?

  5. Corwic says

    We refinanced with JB Nutter. A year later we received a notice that our monthly payment was being increased by $429 from $1175 to $1610. Apparently when we refinanced they failed to figure the escrow portion of our payments to accurately make our tax & insurance payments. They were telling us we had to pay the extra $429 for the next 12 months and that the payment would then revert back to the lower amount each month. We are now on month 9 and paying this huge extra amount each month has not been easy. All attempts to reach customer service have gone unanswered. We are considering missing a payment to see if we can get a reaction from them, but then again, that would just hurt our own credit… These people are misleading, and customer service is non existent. Dont fall for their promises…

    • Frank M says

      Ok we did a refi with J B Nutter last November they were quick and it was easy. You know the old saying about the other shoe , it dropped. Friday I get a call from them saying we HAD to rewrite the whole loan because they never setup the FHA MIP. They said it would cost us nothing if we passed the requirement for the new loan. I asked what happens if we dont. Reply I dont know. 1 The MIP is in the loan I pay it every month and have never been late with my payments. There is no way and I did check with the FHA there can be a FHA loan with no Fed MIP so where did my money go seeing they get it every month plus there was a upfront payment in the loan. I can say fraud. I have the request letter to the FHA from November and the approval letter plus the payment statement of all parts to this loan. The FHA approved it I paid it , so what did JB Nutter do with the money. I think they are trying to cover up the fact they did not pay the FHA. Not going to bite.

  6. eyj says

    I have been with J.B. Nutter for at least 4 years now and I am very disappointed. Because of the mortgage fiasco, I got caught between a rock and a hard place. Although I owned 6 other residential properties and 1 commercial property, when the mortgage rules began changing at the end of ’07/ beginning of ’08, I was required to either put an additional $250K on top of the $50K that had already been paid as a down payment on my primary residence that was being built; OR I could get a co-borrower. I chose the latter, because the other was ridiculous. So, I began striving to put my finances in alignment with what I was told would rectify the situation where I would no longer need a co-borrower. I relinquished a building, I paid off $80K worth of non-secured debt and I sold two houses. I then went back to J.B. Nuter, not once, not twice, not three times, but four times…and each time I did not “fit the bill”. The reason for denial this last time is really what got me: “the gross expenses are over the 55% back end allowable by HUD.” So, if that were really true, then wouldn’t you think that they would want to assist me with decreasing the expenses? I had even written to the state in which I live to have them reassess my property and as a result, my taxes have even decreased by $4K. It seems to me that J.B. Nutter would have recognized by now that I have every intention of remaining in my home or I would have either filed bankrupt, gone to foreclosure, requested a short sale, or a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosre by now; all of which I could have easily done and been justified in doing so. It would also seem that since the co-borrower has never lived on the property, never paid a bill at the property, nor one tax payment, it would seem that J.B. Nutter would not only see that I am serious about becoming to only borrower on the loan, but that I can afford to live here. I would think that I am the type of customer that one would want to not only help, but want to keep, but I guess not. I simply want to be free of the co-borrower who has really been of no use to me anyway. Also, I could almost guarantee that if I were to default on any of the payments, the co-borrower would not make any of the payments anyway. So, they would not be of use to J.B. Nutter either. What I have come to realize is that J.B. Nutter is not a Chase or a Bank of America, so they do not seem to operate under the same rules,guidelines, or sense of compassion, nor do they think that they have to.

  7. tattatu says

    I agree – I went out of my way to look up what this was all about and I wasn’t surprised – what a relief I won’t bother with refinancing until after this government decides TBTF’s and GSE’s are mostly massive frauds ripping off consumers. Who ever decided bankers were friends of homeowners should have their heads examined. Go gold. H.e.H.

  8. Frank M says

    Ok we did a refi with J B Nutter last November they were quick and it was easy. You know the old saying about the other shoe , it dropped. Friday I get a call from them saying we HAD to rewrite the whole loan because they never setup the FHA MIP. They said it would cost us nothing if we passed the requirement for the new loan. I asked what happens if we dont. Reply I dont know. 1 The MIP is in the loan I pay it every month and have never been late with my payments. There is no way and I did check with the FHA there can be a FHA loan with no Fed MIP so where did my money go seeing they get it every month plus there was a upfront payment in the loan. I can say fraud. I have the request letter to the FHA from November and the approval letter plus the payment statement of all parts to this loan. The FHA approved it I paid it , so what did JB Nutter do with the money. I think they are trying to cover up the fact they did not pay the FHA. Not going to bite.

  9. David says

    I am in the process of refinancing with JB Nutter on my current home for the second time in 4 years. I financed the purchase, refinanced when rates dropped and I am doing this again now. Obviously, I am a satisfied customer.

    I learned of JB Nutter about 11 years ago from a friend who refinanced through them. I live no where near them and hearing about them was a word of mouth thing that spread around the company I worked for at the time. We all refinanced with no costs and everyone saved money, with no issues. But that was before, way before the credit crisis/ housing crash. Oh yeah, social media hadn’t been discovered yet either.

    I think, in a cheesy, slimey world of mortgage companies and their ilk, JB Nutter is at least a few steps above – even if it took them a while to join the social media hype and even if they use a fake signature to save the old guy writer’s cramp.

      • says

        Sorry Joey they have not been there for years, they did not put the site up until it was noticed by several people. And they may be good with a regular loan but when it comes to a reverse mortgage they are definately in the catagory of a preatory loan. They look for the elderly who live in a very good location and then they hang you!

  10. Ann says

    http://www.jamesbnutter.com It’s a family owned business that has been around since the 50’s. A company doesn’t stay in business that long without being honest and reputable. Check them out with the BBB. A good company, well respected in the industry. A generous and compassionate family that gives back to the community as well.

  11. Brad says

    I have had a FHA mortgage with James B Nutter, and everthing was fine until, I tried to let someone assume it. I was originally told 4-8 weeks from the time they get the application back. It has been 7 months and we still are not closed. Sue Keeton who handles these is the most incompetant employee I have ever met. She will blow you off for weeks or months and put everything back on “waiting for the underwriters.” I don’t know how they are still in business because at this pace the underwriter is approving 1-2 loans a year. My mortgage payment is only $522 mo and the person assuming my loan is over 750 credit score. I am not sure if anyone can get a loan through this company now. I would tell everyone to stay far away from JBN and do not do business with them under any circumstance! They are the biggest joke for a mortgage company out there.

  12. Stephen says

    I came across your page and just hd to comment.

    Both myself and numerous of my relatives an co-coworkers all have mortgages with “nutter.” They are different from the other companies as they keep their loans in house and do all the serviceing themselves.

    They don’t sell their loans and they do not lend to everyone.

    it may be hard for you to undertand outfits like Nutter and Penfed -w ho experienced NOTHING during the mortgage collapse as they NEVER participated in the subprime loan market – even though that was where the real profits were.

    Please do some real research and PLEASE post back here regarding any metrics assessing financial stability or customer satisfaction. Nutter is clearly one of the best mortage brokers in the Country and its not even close.

  13. John says

    We were in the process of refinancing our house about 15 years ago with James B Nutter going from a 20 year to a 15 year note. The rate was 6.25 percent that we agreed to for the loan. The hour before we were supposed to close they said the real rate was 6.50 percent because of a typo error. This type of business practise is unprofessional and boarders on fraud. We ended up closing the loan. Today I would have walked away. Community Ameria Credit Union does a great job with very low fee’s etc. I have used them and have clients that are very happy.

  14. Donnie Spangler says

     James B Nutter has contacted me on2/10/2012 to refinance my mortgage i have with another company,thanks for the advice to stay away from them.

  15. Fred Franzwa says

    Gotta chime in on this one Bub. I’ve  had a mortgage with Nutter since 1988 and in my opinion, they are the best home financing company in existance! I can’t tell you how many referrals I have given them. When rates were heading downward, I called to refinance an existing loan with them- they shaved 2 points off, shortened the note and lowered my payment, all at no cost to me! Can’t beat that for customer service
    Fred Franzwa  


    • says

      Fred — That’s exactly my point.  They might be awesome, but because they are hiding from customer criticism they’re unable to defend themselves.  One person’s post (from “Kelly”) spiraled out of control, even if Nutter wasn’t to blame!  They simply need to get their head out of the sand and join these people online, and their true colors will quickly come through.

      • says

        I do believe James B. Nutter and Co. is in the “MORTGAGE” business NOT the social networking business. I just closed a re-fi with them at no cost with a 2 point lower fixed rate. It was fast and the only issue was they didn’t know that NC changed policy and they couldn’t use a notary to do the closing, so they set up a local attorney and even overnighted the check to pay the attorney. Now that’s customer service.

        • says

          Of course they’re in the mortgage business, just like Pepsi is in the soda business, Disney is in the entertainment business, and my local pizza joint is in the restaurant business.  It’s their choice whether they want to engage with customers online and work with them, or sit back and hope that everything is rosy.  Pepsi, Disney and the pizza place are willing to talk to customers online, and Nutter isn’t.  That’s certainly their right, but they need to live with the consequences.

      • JDB says

        Mickmel, you are a bit of a drama queen!!! “spiraled out of control” If you stir the pot things can get messy, so stop stirring the pot. Let Kelly handle this issue,they are Grown UP right. I have been a Investment Broker for 16 years. With that said I can tell you its almost impossible to find a Lilly White firm, company, corp etc. That doesn’t mean they don’t do good business as well. JBN from my research I have found that JBN is a profitable company that does its best (good help is hard to find) and the are under scrutiny of the FTC till 2029. The company got a colonoscopy back in 2009 and you think they are going to have practices that will cause the FTC to do it all over again. You Ideals of proper business etiquette do not carry any weight…. unless you are the owner of a similar type business that is top in it industry and sets trends and practices for the business world. You Mission is hereby terminated. Go do something good for your fellow man. Be an asset to this country.

  16. TexanPatriot1 says

    Wonder how many of the glowing positive comments are really employees?   Like they’d tell you if they were, right?

  17. Msedlock says

    I have been with Nutter for years, probably 12 years, and have refinanced 4 times with them. Would sincerely recommend them to anyone. Their rates are fair, their customer service is very helpful, their loan representatives are helpful and return phone calls promptly. I am very happy with Nutter as my mortgage company.
    Mary Sedlock
    New Jersey

  18. Chirs says

    I have tried 2 of the phone numbers on their mailer and i never get an answer or a recording.  Even before 4pm on work days.  ?? 

  19. Eckardkk says

    I was with James B for many years I did several refinance streamline.  Each time lowering my interest and lowering the years to pay.  All with James B.  Never did I call that a real perons didn’t answer.  Never, “Your wait time is 20 minutes…”
    I decided to branch out and go with CounrtyWide, to my finacial demis ended up with Bank of America.  Long story as many other with BoA could tell.  BoA after encouraging me to fall behind on my mortgage to qualiy for a mod, told Freddie Mac I did default on a mod, which I was never actually offered.  Freddie foreclosed and guess who bought my house, BoA.  I should never have left James B. 

  20. Speechless says


    I can’t believe I am taking the time to respond to your ridiculous complaint.  Somehow the stunning stupidity just hit me in a tender spot.  I have been a customer of JBN for several years off and on and no, I don’t always get the best service.  Their rates are generally competitive though, and their no cost loans have been really easy for me.  But if I understood you, you are complaining about a signature?!  JBN has 78,000 loans.  Nutter is over 70 years old and you want to complain about his signature?!  Words fail me….  You need to find something more productive to do – and so do I!

    • says

      The signature, in and of itself, wasn’t the point of this post.  It inspired me to write it (why include a “signature” if it’s fake?), but the point is a lesson about businesses avoiding social media.

      My guess is that the marketing folks at Nutter made a conscious choice to avoid Facebook so that “people won’t be able to say bad things about us”, but that decision actually made things worse.  Just in the little example above they lost two customers that could have easily been saved if the folks at Nutter would have invested five minutes in the conversation.

      • Mileaway says

        I agree they should have some sort of fashionable social connection but they also have better things to do than pay someone to answer why the standard rubber stamp signature is on junk mail. Sorry, gotta agree with speechless on that point, it’s not that important. But, and that’s a BIG but, they could generate alot more business on the internet than through costly junk mailings.

        • says

          The thing is, I never asked them about the rubber stamp.  It’s a weak move for them to include it, but not something they need to “pay someone to answer”.

          However, when someone’s payment goes up $138/month and they think you’re at fault, it’d be wise to have someone being paid to listen out for that.

          • JDB says

            I’m sure you have proof of this increase and its backed by fact not just a rant from someone on the web??? If the three people you mentioned on a prior post(so many posts from you….GET A LIFE!!) are adults and actually have been wronged they can contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a report.

        • says

          Yes, they’ve certainly added it since then.  I was referring to the conscious choice that they made a few years ago, and the lessons it serves for other companies today.

        • recycler13 says

          BBB is a pay to join organization. as long as your “dues” are current you get a good rating.  if you choose not to join you get an invalid rating.  therefor not an A+.

  21. Brad Iroff says

    You all wouldn’t be googling nutter to post a good review on some random blog. Happy customers don’t google companies they are happy with. It’s PR protecting their brand and posting here. How else would they of found this post?

  22. Nelson Swiger Jr. says

    I had a refi that we started the paper work on about 3 weeks ago and was told it would take about 3 weeks to close, they only missed that date by one week. They were fast, answered all my questions, were very kind and knowledgeable. My credit score is in the low 600’s and still they did this veteran a good deal in a timely manor. 

  23. Nelson Swiger Jr. says

    I have been very pleased with Nutter, they have delivered on everything they promised and now I can move away from BoA. 

  24. Bryson61 says

    got my letter today looked just as fishy as the rest thought I would look into them just for the fun of it and founds this page!!

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