Google+ releases new embed feature

Following in the footsteps of Twitter and Facebook, Google has just released an embed feature for Google+. You can take any public post on the site (even if it’s not yours) and quickly embed it on your own site with just a few lines of code.  Simply click the options dropdown above the post and choose the “Embed post” option as seen here:


It’s all there

The resulting embedded post is fully featured.  You can see the full post, any media attached to it, +1’s, comments, etc.  Here’s an example using one of my recent posts.

Google+ is still lagging behind in interaction when compared to Facebook and Twitter, but the gap continues to close. You’d be unwise to abandon your other social media streams and move solely to Google+, but you’d also be unwise to completely ignore it at this point.

Have you been using Google+ much lately?

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