Creating “Pinnable” Images

There’s no denying that Pinterest is the new kid in town and has become the most popular thing since Danny Zuko and Ferris Bueller. In fact, Pinterest is reported to be generating 3.6 percent of referral traffic, with Twitter just ahead at 3.61. So how do you get in the cool kids club? Unfortunately, it’s all about looks (sorry, Screech Powers).

The main appeal of Pinterest is that it lures you in with beautiful imagery, cute animals, and trendy DIY crafts. It’s a world that personifies the song, “My Favorite Things“. So while you’re getting wrapped up in all the pretty pictures, you may forget there is a powerful marketing tactic behind this new social media phenomenon. These “pretty pictures” all lead to trending content hiding behind them. For this reason, optimizing your site to showcase Pinterest-worthy images is more important than ever.

The following infographic from Pinnable Business shows some of the best practices for sharing images on Pinterest, including proper sizing, adding keywords, properly naming your boards, etc. This video from A Brighter Web also gives an overview to promoting your website on Pinterest.

Try some of these tips out and let us know if you notice a difference in your Pinterest referral traffic!

PIO – Pinterest Image Optimization – An infographic by the Pinterest Marketing team at Pinnable Business.


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