Don’t just “flip the switch”


When we launch a new site, we often say we "flip the switch" to make it go live.  This either means turning off the "coming soon" page, updating DNS records, or whatever needs to be done to make the new site active.  However, we do a lot more behind the scenes to make it a smooth transition. We recently had a client approach us that had launched their new site (built elsewhere) a few weeks … [Read more...]

The benefits of Google Authorship

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 1.38.43 PM

Google Authorship is clearly something that will affect search results to a growing degree as time goes on, and we shared our thoughts on it this afternoon at Digital Atlanta.  Thanks to those of you that were able to attend! The slides can be seen below, or you can grab them here. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. … [Read more...]

200 ranking factors that Google uses


It's well-known that Google looks at a lot of factors when determining how to rank your site.  They've stated that the number is around 200 different signals, though they've never released an exact list of those factors.  The infographic below takes information from a variety of sources to come up with a list of 200 possible items, though it's certainly not an official list. Over the years … [Read more...]

What on earth is canonicalization?


Recently we were helping a client that had two domain names for their site.  Google saw them both and indexed a few pages from each domain.  As a result, neither domain gained very much authority and they could never rank very well in the search engines.  Part of the solution was to pick one domain to be the "main" one and redirect the other over to it.  This is known as canonicalization. You … [Read more...]

Making the most of “WordPress SEO by Yoast”


From time to time we share lists of our favorite WordPress plugins, and "WordPress SEO by Yoast" always makes the list.  It's updated often and is a solid choice to help enhance the search engine optimization of your site. Before we dig in, though, it's important to remember that no SEO plugin (including this one) is a magic tool.  SEO is ultimately about two things: Writing content that … [Read more...]

I know I should blog, but…


We're big proponents of blogging.  Regularly posting new content on your site is a great way to rank better in the search engines, and a blog is almost always the best way to do it. In short, the more pages you have that Google knows about (in their "index"), the more likely that one of your pages/posts will come up when someone does a search.  If you blog consistently, you should see something … [Read more...]

The top spot in Google gets 33% of all clicks


A new study put out by the online ad company Chitika shows just how important it is to work your site into the top spot in the Google search results. Amazingly, the top result in a Google search receives nearly 33% of the total clicks, and that number falls to 18% for the second result, 11% for the third, and downward from there. While it's still important to simply try to get your site onto … [Read more...]

Your business and the new Google+ Dashboard

Brand Dashboard

Google is slowly amassing a large collection of tools for small businesses, and now you can more easily manage them all in one place.  With their new Google+ Dashboard, you can do all of the following when you log in: Update your info (like website URLs, store hours and phone numbers) across Maps, Search and Google+ - all from the Overview tab. Monitor your Google+ notifications, assign page … [Read more...]

How Google searches work


Google's search algorithm is amazingly complex, but they do a nice job of providing materials to show a bit about how it all works.  The more you know about how it works, the more you can do to try to get your site to rank higher. There are a few important points that many people aren't aware of: Google doesn't search the internet Many people assume that when you search Google they run out to … [Read more...]

Keywords in your domain name don’t help


As recently as a few years ago, you could buy a domain name that was loaded with keywords and automatically rank pretty well for those queries.  For example, I could purchase "" and rank pretty well for "marietta used cars" and related searches.  Thankfully, Google is working hard to discount those kinds of URLs, known as "exact match domains". How does this affect … [Read more...]

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