SEO and single page websites


One of the hotter trends lately are single-page websites; long scrolling pages that put all of the site's content on a single page. Many of them employ the "parallax" effect, where the background image moves at a different speed than the main page while you scroll. It's a neat effect, and it can be useful at times, but comes at a cost of not ranking quite as well in the search engines. A good … [Read more...]

The Weekly Scoop:
SEO, Webmaster Tools, and Pinterest

Thew Weekly Scoop

SEO: We've explained before that the rules for SEO don’t really change, but that doesn’t mean that SEO is a “set it and forget it” kind of process, in fact we wrote a blog post about it. If you'd like to learn more, join us for Wordcamp Birmingham. Jenny Munn and Mickey Mellen will be presenting on SEO and how to get started. Adding to the SEO fun, we've whipped up a Website SEO Checklist - make … [Read more...]

The Website SEO Checklist

GreenMellen Media SEO Website Checklist

When taking a look at a new site, we have a variety of things that we look at as we work on creating a plan of action. On the SEO side, here are some of the pieces we look at, which may be good for you to check out on your own site. These aren't all SEO specific, but most of them lean in that direction. These are in no particular order. Canonicalization Make sure that the “” and … [Read more...]

SEO doesn’t stop


We've explained before that the rules for SEO don't really change, but that doesn't mean that SEO is a "set it and forget it" kind of process. Our colleague Jenny Munn recently wrote a great point that outlines this point, summed up here: SEO loves momentum. It thrives on it. Without it you’re never going to be pleased with results. Stop-and-go SEO efforts are fine, but if you truly want … [Read more...]

The Weekly Scoop:
Facebook Messenger and Google

The GMM Weekly Scoop

Google: Considering security your website? Google Starts Giving A Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites Well, Authorship wasn't supposed to show as part of the new Panda search algorithm, but if you're logged into Google+, Authorship Images are alive and well -- and still matter. Wordpress: WordPress releases version 3.9.2 with security fixes. This is an important update with security hold … [Read more...]

Come join us at WordCamp Birmingham


WordCamp Birmingham is coming up in a few weeks (August 16) and we're getting excited about it! Jenny Munn and myself will be leading a session on search engine optimization that should be quite informative. You can read more about the details of our session in this post on the WordCamp Birmingham site. We're most eager for all of the other great sessions that will be available there. We're … [Read more...]

The Weekly Scoop:
Google takes on Foursquare, Facebook takes on Pocket, and Reviews on What’s New

The Weekly Scoop

Google: Google Maps is rolling out a big update which seems directed at apps like Foursquare. The new Explore button gives you an overview of what's nearby. It's not only location-sensitive — the feature also pays attention to the context, meaning you'll get different results depending on the time of day and the weather. Improvements have rolled out for Chrome users. Google's chat … [Read more...]

How voice search is changing the keywords we use


Google has been around for 15 years, and while they are continually updating their algorithm we've been continually updating the way we search. A popular trend that we showed you five years ago was the increasing length of search queries; as people became more familiar with search engines, they began to know what to search for with less trial-and-error. For example, in the early days of Google … [Read more...]

The Weekly Scoop:
I’ll have an app with that

The Weekly Scoop: 7/18/14

Blogging: Beef up your blogging: 3 Steps to Create Podcasts With Google Hangouts Brilliant: How to Test Blog Post Titles With Twitter Very good article - a must read if you're involved in online business. 20 Stunning Inbound Marketing Statistics Social Media: A Facebook app only for famous folks? Facebook Launches … [Read more...]

The Weekly Scoop:
Linked In’s New App, Updates to Chromecast and Tweeting the World Cup


Social Media: Watching TV with a second screen? You're not alone. Soccer fan or not, odds are that you either read or  wrote something on Twitter about the stunning World Cup shootout between Germany and Brazil. This match up broke Twitter records as the most Tweeted sporting event ever. Brazil’s routing garnered 35.6 million tweets during the game itself, and at peak volume, 580,166 people were … [Read more...]

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